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Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 07/24/2021

28 Jul 2021 12:31 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

On Saturday, July 28th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their third meeting of the 2021 season. Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi McShane.

Attendance: Jim Canders, Nancy Liberatore, John Belvavis, Ed Laird, Mary Jo Teetor, Jerremy Jones, Frank Callahan, Bob Williams, Elaine Bagley, Martha Pofit, Ken Abt (online), Jeff Crandall (online). Absent: Rob Nesbit, Kemi McShane.

Call to Order: President Jim Canders called the meeting to order at 8:05 AM. Minutes compiled by Jerremy Jones.

Previous meeting minutes approved.

Annual Meeting, John: LSC CC can offer the same dinners as 2019 meeting, a buffet selection of chicken or fish with sides or a prime rib dinner. Jerremy will start working on the presentation, setting up RSVPs through the website.

Greeters, John: Program running well, Greeters doing a great job at boat launch and State Park. Greeters went around Little Lake for the Stop The Spread handout. Will also cover the rest of the lake.

Milfoil Control, Jeff: Got the F&W Greeter permit for the boat launch, one is not needed at the State Park. DASH - 92 acres, will start July 1st for full operations, currently hand-pulling. ProcellaCOR treatment occurred on June 22nd in Halls Bay, and in Little Lake.

Little Lake Meeting, Jerremy: Meeting on June 19 at Wells Lakeside Park. Members of LSCCF, LSCA, Wells Select Board, and members of the lake community attended. We detailed the 3 year plan and discussed the Stop The Spread handout. The meeting was mostly positive, then veered off of that positivity when the Q&A started. We did receive some nice feedback from some attendees. Jim offered a motion for $425 to cover the cost of the handouts, approved. Also discussed was a meeting called by the Wells Select Board on June 23rd, attended by Jim, Frank, and Jerremy. Members of the LSCCF were also in attendance. Topics discussed: the 3-year Little Lake milfoil control program, and the working relationship between the WSB, LSCA, and LSCCF.

Treasurer’s Report, Elaine: Financial report presented and approved. To date, 341 members. Donations coming in from happy users of the lake. 990 filed, motion to pay preparer, approved. Elaine summarized closure and setup of new accounts as was discussed last meeting.

Water Quality, Mary Jo: Lay monitoring taking place as usual. Will contact town to order E. coli testing kits.

Publicity, Jerremy: discussed recent coverage of the award of the watershed action grant in local papers, recent community volunteer events, website and Facebook always updated with latest lake and LSCA news.

Lake Safety, Frank: 2 upcoming boating license classes, many reservations for both, might add a third, TBD. Buoys and markers out, the one in Halls Bay went missing soon after it was placed. More have been ordered. Discussed reports of unsafe boating, extend an invite to our Game Warden to speak at annual meeting.

Grants, Martha: discussed kickoff of Lake Wise, LCBP’s State of the Lake report, and clean water funding, the Watershed Action Plan.

Nominating, Bob: 4 open spots, 1 to be appointed, 3 for election at annual meeting. Idea to create ‘Wanted’ posters to be used as ice-breakers to speak with residents about joining the LSCA. Current Trustees will canvas their areas to speak with potential candidates. Jerremy will create the poster and email to Trustees.

New Business: Sign up for East Poultney Day? Yes, Jerremy will get us signed up. Wells Variety Day, per Nora at Wells Town Hall, will not be happening.

Motion for adjournment, approved.

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