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This committee shall conduct the business of the Association at times when meetings of the full Board are impractical. To that end, Executive Committee meetings may be held not only in person but by mail, telephone conference call or any other means allowing full discussion of the issues before the committee.

Chair: Jim Canders


The Treasurer shall have custody of and be responsible for all money of the Association, keep a full and accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, and render the account of all such transactions and report the condition of the treasury at such times as may be specified by the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer shall make all necessary filings with federal and state tax authorities, and shall conduct an audit of the financial records of the Association at the end of each fiscal year. At the request of the Treasurer, the committee shall assist in the preparation or review of financial reports required to be made by the Association to any governmental or tax authority.

Chair: Mary Jo Teetor


This committee reaches out to local, state and federal governments & agencies to seek aid and expertise in matters affecting Lake St. Catherine, its residents and its users.

Chair: Jim Canders


This committee seeks out and writes grants that may be available from public and private organizations, and local, state and federal governments & agencies.

Chair: Martha Pofit


This committee works with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Public Boat Access Greeter Program which works to keep invasive species out of Lake St. Catherine. The committee organizes staff to inspect vessels entering and exiting Lake St. Catherine at the boat launch in Wells, and the State Park in Poultney between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

More info: Boat Launch Monitoring (Greeter Program)

Chair: John Belnavis


This committee places and maintains traffic control and danger warning buoys, suggests safety standards, and reports boating violations to appropriate authorities. This committee also hosts 2 boating safety classes each season so boaters born after January 1st, 1974 can earn their boating license to be able to operate a motorized vessel.

More info: Lake Safety

Chair: Frank Callahan


This committee reaches out to Lake St. Catherine property owners and the broader lake community with a membership campaign to solicit dues and contributions. It also maintains membership records on the LSCA website.

More info: Become a member!

Chair: Jerremy Jones


This committee plans and manages milfoil control programs for Lake St. Catherine, including dealing with local, state and federal officials in the planning of control campaigns. It also coordinates and works with vendors performing herbicide applications and performing diver assisted suction harvesting (DASH). It also researches potential new strategies for control of milfoil.

More info: Milfoil Control Program

Chair: Jeff Crandall


The duty of this committee is to propose candidates for election to the Board of Trustees.

Chair: Bob Williams


This committee provides publicity for news & events related to Lake St. Catherine and the Association. It also produces a spring and fall newsletter, it maintains our website & social media presence, and it creates email correspondence with lake news for our membership.

Chair: Jerremy Jones


This committee tests Lake St. Catherine for clarity and pollutants, including E. coli. The LSCA also participates in the Vermont DEC’s Lay Monitoring Program which tests the lake for total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and water clarity weekly from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

More info: Water Quality & Shoreline Protection

Chair: Mary Jo Teetor


In 2022, this committee will begin a 3-year process to create a Lake Watershed Action Plan for Lake St. Catherine using funds earned via a grant through the Lake Champlain Basin Program. The committee will work with local partners, scientists, and the lake community to create a plan which answers the questions: 'what issues threaten the health of our lake the most?' and 'what can we do about them?'

More info: LSC Watershed Action Plan

Chair: Martha Pofit


This committee promotes the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Lake Wise Program which works with lakeshore property owners to limit stormwater runoff from carrying pollutants into Lake St. Catherine. It partners with the Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District (PMNRCD) to educate property owners on best practices, to assess their lakeshore, and to implement stormwater mitigation measures.

More info: Lake Wise

Chair: Martha Pofit

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