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The Lake St. Catherine Association Greeter Program


Our Greeter Program is very important to the health of Lake St. Catherine. 

From the Vermont Public Access Greeter Program website:

"Aquatic invasive species are spread by over- land transport of watercraft, trailers, and fishing and recreational equipment. The most effective way to prevent spread is through education and equipment inspections designed to catch invasive species ‘hitching a ride’ from one waterbody to another. Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species is far more effective and economically sensible than eradicating invasive species once they are established. With support from Vermont DEC, Public Access Greeters educate lake visitors about invasive species, provide courtesy watercraft inspections and STOP introductions."

Lake St. Catherine Association Greeter inspecting a boat for aquatic invasive species.Our Greeters are hard working young adults who have been trained to identify aquatic invasive species (AIS) to stop them from entering LSC. They also educate boaters about the importance of looking for these invasives on their boat or trailer so they are not spread to LSC or another lake.

Their duties include:

  • Approaching and interacting with boaters
  • Inspecting watercraft
  • Identifying and handling suspicious specimens
  • Collecting and reporting data
  • Distributing educational material on aquatic invasive species

Greeters do not just check boats and trailers for milfoil - they are checking for many invasive species that are just a lake or two away from us. These invasives include zebra mussels, spiny waterflea, asian clams, water chestnuts and starry stonewort.

Images of aquatic invasive species - zebra mussels, spiny waterflea, asian clams, water chestnut, starry stonewort.

For example, spiny waterflea were just found in Lake Champlain and zebra mussels were recently discovered in Lake Dunmore.

For reference, check out the Vermont DEC's "Gallery Of Invaders" for photos and descriptions of the aquatic invasive species that are currently found in Vermont and those threatening it.


Our Greeter Program began in 2004 at the Vermont Department Of Fish & Wildlife Lake St. Catherine Access Area in Wells, and it has been in operation each year since.

In 2020, we were pleased to be able to expand the LSCA Greeter program to the Lake St. Catherine State Park in Poultney to be able to inspect the boats that are launched there.

Lake St. Catherine Association Greeters participate in the boat parade.

From left to right: Brock Baker, Kate Hayes, Naomi Haviland, Levi Haviland, Lucas Milazzo.

Some of our Greeters participating in the 8th Annual LSCA Boat Parade.

Lake St. Catherine Association Greeters at the Lake St. Catherine State Park in Poultney.

From left to right: Patrick Dundas, Lucas Milazzo and Amy Rohrman.

Greeter Program at the Lake St. Catherine State Park.

Our Greeters are on duty from Memorial Day through Labor Day - working on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They also cover holidays and fishing tournaments. 

 Vermont DEC Agency of Natural Resources logo.

Support provided in part by

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Vermont conservation license plates 

This Lake St. Catherine Association project is made possible by a grant earned from the Lake Champlain Basin Program & NEIWPCC, and is partially funded by the US EPA.


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