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Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 08/28/21

1 Sep 2021 12:19 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

On Saturday, August 28th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their fourth and final meeting of the 2021 season. Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi McShane.

Attendance: Jim Canders, Ed Laird, Elaine Bagley, John Belnavis, Mary Jo Teetor, Jerremy Jones, Frank Callahan, Bob Williams. Online/phone: Jeff Crandall, Martha Pofit, Nancy Liberatore, Lisa Micich, Kemi McShane. Absent: Michael Gay, Ken Abt, Rob Nesbit

Call to Order: President, Jim Canders called to order the meeting at 8:40 AM at the LSC CC.

Introduction: Jim Canders introduced Beck Sinclair to present on the work accomplished by the DASH team this 2021 season. Highest concentration of milfoil was at Location I, across from the State Park in the channel entering North Bay at Pine Point. North Bay had sparse density, and this area is projected for next year work, also Horseshoe Bay will be a priority. 92 acres in total was addressed by DASH. The maps used for location work areas will be provided to the Fall surveyors to help identify problem areas. 167 total buckets were removed - 53 in area I alone, 21 as part of the Community Clean Up Day. Less floating fragments this season as compared to the past. Noted not as much algae as well. It was requested that as the DASH team works around the Lake next season, to be aware of the roads, shorelines and run-off areas to help identify any areas that the Watershed Action Plan can potentially address. Many volunteers this year to scoop the weeds and pick up floaters to help contain the milfoil. Beck was thanked for the hard work that DASH performs for the lake.

Secretary's Report: motion made and second to accept the Secretary’s report as presented. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Discussion regarding the transition period as Elaine, our treasurer is retiring. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, second. Motion carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

LSCCF Annual Meeting Report: Jerremy gave a brief report on the meeting he attended last week. There was a general sense of contentment with the collaborative efforts of the 2 groups, and discussion of the success of the treatment. All of our joint initiatives were mentioned, Lake Wise, ProcellaCOR, Community Day weed cleanup. The LSCCF also discussed their individual efforts, finances, bylaws, etc. A motion was made to respond to the LSCCF’s request to include the LSCA in a letter to Misha and the DEC as a supporter of leaving the aeration system in place for ‘emergencies’. Misha sent a request to the LSCCF asking them to remove the system. After discussion, the board concluded that they wanted to remain neutral and consistent with our previous stance as the LSCCF went through the aeration permit process which was to remain neutral, to neither support or oppose the permit, and to accept the DEC's position when reached. A motion was made to that effect. Motion seconded, voted all in favor. Motion carried.

Milfoil: Jeff Crandall reports the herbicide treatment in the LL was very successful. He was told people were waterskiing in the LL again. 70 acres were treated in the LL. Discussion regarding where potential problem areas are around the locations where the Lake is spring feed, such as Endless Brook / Pine Point. Jerremy requested year end aquatic plant report to be available by first week of November.

Water Quality: Mary Jo reports no documented issues this summer, even with recent storms and runoffs. No identification of E Coli, but test kits are available if needed.

Greeter Program: John reports Greeters not seeing milfoil coming out of the Lake like in previous years. Tracking of hours for the survey to be sent to the State. Needs to track data for grants and payments. John noticed the statements of invasive species posted at the boat launch and questioned how to remove that information if not applicable today (water chestnuts)?

Publicity: Jerremy has the Fall newsletter to distribute and will post to our website for online access and email to members. Also available at Otto’s and WCS.

Lake Safety: Frank said the new buoys finally arrived in time for next year. Volunteers to place buoy in Halls Bay in place.

Nominating Committee: Bob Williams reports we have 13 active members. The Association needs 1 person for a 1-year term and 1 person for a 3-year term, to be appointed by Jim per the bylaws. Bob thanked our retiring Trustees: Kemi McShane, Elaine Bagley, and Ken Abt for their years of service to the board and LSC.

Membership: Elaine explained the different stages for the mailings for the membership committee to perform. February membership drive kickoff mailing, postcard reminders, online registration, maintaining and updating the data to keep members contact information current. Bookkeeping of the dues and donations. LSCA has 362 members to date. 40 members from last year have not rejoined, MJ stated this may be due to property transfers. Membership expires January first of each calendar year. A motion was made to have MJ and Jerremy handle the financial plan for bookkeeping and data process in the transitional period. The motion was second, with no further discussion, motion carried.

Grants: Martha reports that Lake Wise saw a lot of interest this summer season. Will be submitting a 3-year work plan for the Lake St. Catherine Watershed Action Plan in collaboration with the PMNCRD that will include, organizing, analyzing, identifying, goal setting, prioritizing with the LCBP and DEC on future projects around the Lake. A motion was made to have the president be able to call additional board meetings as need. It was seconded, voted on and motion carried.

Old Business: East Poultney Day was attended by Jim and Jerremy. Lots of support for the LSCA was received from the community.

New Business: The LSCA received notice of a potential land from the Warwicks. A $50.00 donation was received from them, and the offering of a parcel of land on the Lily Pond and a parcel of land in Poultney. Discussion ensued regarding acceptance of this generous donation. A motion was made to do our due diligence and review the legality, tax liability, marketability, etc. before accepting the donation of the land to the LSCA. The motion was seconded and without further discussion, motion carried. MJ, Nancy and Ed will work cooperatively on researching the necessary information.

Next scheduled Board meeting: May 28, 2022 at 8:30 to be held at LSCCC.

Election of Officers:

Recording Secretary - no one elected, position open

Treasurer - Mary Jo Teetor, motion, seconded, carried

Vice President - Martha Pofit, motion,seconded, carried

President - Jim Canders, motion, seconded, carried

Motion: Corporate resolution to amend the banking signature card to include, Jim Canders, Mary Jo Teetor, Jerremy Jones. Two signatures are required on a check written for any amount above $1,000.00. Seconded, carried

Motion for adjournment made, seconded, and carried.

Meeting adjourned at 11:07 AM

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