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LSCA To Receive $50k To Develop Stormwater Projects Around LSC

12 Jan 2022 7:26 AM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

In partnership with the Poultney Mettowee Natural Resource Conservation District (PMNRCD), the LSCA applied with the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) for a "Clean Water and Healthy Ecosystems Projects Planning Grant" to fund the planning, prioritization, outreach, design, and budgeting of projects identified in the Lake St. Catherine Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP).

We are very happy to report that as part of a $100k grant being administered by the PMNRCD, $50k of this grant will be used directly for Lake St. Catherine to design Stormwater Master Plan Projects on LSC.

In 2018 and 2019, extensive field work by the PMNRCD and Fitzgerald Environmental Associates (FEA) took place in the LSC watershed. The goal was to identify sources of increased stormwater runoff and associated sediments and nutrients flowing into the lake. Phosphorus reducing projects are of particular importance given the water quality concerns within the watershed. The work involved identifying sources of stormwater, prioritizing sources based on various environmental, economic, and social criteria, and designing projects to mitigate those sources.

50 potential sites were identified, and as of today, 4 projects have been implemented, and 2 others have been designed and are awaiting installation. Projects have recently been completed on North Street, Ferncliff Road, the boat launch in Wells, and at the Wells Lakeside Park. That leaves 44 others that need to be evaluated, designed, and implemented.

The goal of our approved grant in 2022 is to develop 10-12 projects identified in the Lake St Catherine Stormwater Master Plan to be ready for implementation during the first round of Clean Water Service Provider formula grant funds in 2023 and thereafter. Our Project Team, consisting of the LSCA, PMNRCD, local partners, and the selected consultant, will identify a list of high and medium priority projects and develop 30% conceptual designs for those that rank within the top 10-12. Included with the conceptual designs will be detailed budget estimates, anticipated permitting needs, and preliminary landowner agreements or letters of interest.

Below is a map of the Stormwater Master Plan locations. Orange check icons indicate a completed project, green construction icons indicate a project that has been designed and implementation is underway or about to begin, and yellow dot icons indicate potential future project locations. Use the + / - on the map to zoom in and out. Click on an icon to see a description of the issue, the proposed intervention, and a photo of the area.

All of the Lake St. Catherine Stormwater Master Plan documents can be viewed by clicking here, and you can read more about the SWMP for Lake St. Catherine by click here to view our Stormwater Master Plan webpage.

While we'll continue to work with lakeshore property owners on Lake Wise projects which are focused on individual properties on the parcel level, SWMP projects can involve larger areas that may include a combination of public and private lands.

The goal of these SWMP projects are to limit stormwater carrying phosphorus, nutrients, sediments, and pollutants into the lake as we work to continue to improve water quality.

In the coming months, we'll get to work setting up public meetings will be set up to discuss what projects should be prioritized and designed, and partnering with an engineering firm to design the projects. We'll keep you up-to-date as meetings are scheduled.

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