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Wastewater Workshop Presentation

11 Jul 2022 12:42 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

The Lake St. Catherine Association would like to thank Cristin Ashmankas, Environmental Analyst with the State of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation, Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division for her presentation to attendees at the 'Wastewater Workshop' on July 8 at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club.

Cristin talked about the basics of septic systems: how they work, why they are so important, how they fail, and how to properly maintain them. She also outlined how they are designed, and the many different types of systems that are available - including innovative and alternative systems that can be used in unique situations. 

She also discussed the rules, where to get help, and why it is so important that systems be fully working around the lake. 

All this great information can be found in her presentation, which is attached below:

Vermont DEC Wastewater Workshop

Lake St. Catherine Wastewater Workshop - July 8, 2022

Also available are 2 handouts:

The Guide To Failed Wastewater Systems
The Homeowners Guide To Wastewater Systems

If you have any septic system questions, please reach out to Cristin, she would be happy to help!


Thank you to our attendees - we hope you found this presentation helpful - and thank you to the Lake St. Catherine Country Club for hosting our meeting!

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