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LSCA Earns Grant For Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention & Control For 2023

9 Feb 2023 6:06 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

Hello LSC, we've received some exciting news to share with you today!

We've just learned that we've earned a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) for a "Healthy Ecosystems - AIS Spread Prevention Grant" for $18,938 to help fund our Greeter and Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) Programs in 2023.

Our Greeter Program is very important to the health of Lake St. Catherine. Our Greeters are hard working young adults who have been trained to identify aquatic invasive species (AIS) to stop them from entering LSC at the boat launch. Multiple concerning invasive species are just a lake or two away from LSC. They also educate boaters about the importance of looking for these invasives on their boat or trailer so they are not spread to LSC or another lake. You can read more our the Greeter Program on LSC here: https://lakestcatherine.org/boat-launch-monitoring-greeter-program

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Our excellent DASH crew suits up in scuba gear and hand-pulls milfoil by the roots from the lakebed. In sections of lower milfoil density, they will swim the area and hand-pull with mesh bags. In higher density areas, they will set up the DASH equipment which allows them to suction the hand-pulled milfoil up through a tube to a catch table on a boat. Milfoil is then placed in 17.5 gallon buckets for transport off the lake. You can read more about our full Milfoil Control Program here: https://lakestcatherine.org/milfoil-control-program

Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) on Lake St. Catherine

While we continue to work to bring funding via grants to Lake St. Catherine, your support via membership dues, contributions, and donations are vital to help us fulfill our mission of the preservation, protection, and maintenance of Lake St. Catherine.

Our 2023 Membership Drive just kicked off last weekend. You can read all about that here: https://lakestcatherine.org/blog/13084706

We have membership levels for camp owners, businesses, and supporters of Lake St. Catherine like family members of property owners, renters, recreators, etc. Anyone who loves LSC can become a member to help support our mission.

We hope to earn your support in 2023!

Thank you.

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) under assistance agreement (LC 00A00981-0) to NEIWPCC in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

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