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Meeting of the Board of Trustees - 5/27/23

4 Jun 2023 12:50 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

On Saturday, May 27th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their first meeting of the 2023 season.

Attendance: Jim Canders, Jerremy Jones, Mary Jo Teetor, Frank Callahan, Ed Laird, Nancy Liberatore, Mike Gay, Jeff Crandall, Mark Shea, Sue Williams (Online), Bob Williams, Absent: Lisa Micich, Kemi McShane, Rob Nesbit, John Belnavis

Guests: None

Call to Order: President Jim Canders called the meeting to order at 8:30.

Public Comment: None.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes of August 27, 2022 posted. Motion to accept the minutes as presented, made by Frank, seconded by Nancy. All in favor, so moved.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Jo Teetor, outlined 2022 income and expenditures, and projections and budgeting for 2023 with printed reports. Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented made by Jeff, and seconded by Mark. All in favor, so moved.

Annual Meeting / Use of LSC CC: As reported by Jim Canders, John Belnavis has reserved the LSC Country Club for our Annual Meeting: July 22nd, 2023 at 6 PM. John is working with the LSC CC on arrangements and dinner for the meeting. Details will be presented at the June Meeting.

Milfoil Management: Jeff Crandall, Jeff discussed the favorable results of the early May survey, and explained that after discussions with the DASH team, they decided that they can cover the sparse milfoil growth and a spot treatment would not be needed. Also discussed, contracts with Arrowwood Environmental to take over our fall plant survey from SOLitude and our contract with limnologist Emily Porter-Goff for the LWAP. Motion by Mary Jo to approve Arrowwood contract, and seconded by Mark. All in favor, so moved. Motion by Mary Jo to approve limnologist contract, and seconded by Frank. All in favor, so moved.

Boat Launch Greeter Program: As reported by Jim Canders, John Belnavis has the Greeter Program underway as of Memorial Day Weekend. John and Greeters recently attended in-person training in Manchester.

Water Quality: May Jo Teetor, lay monitoring to start, new water testing equipment purchased for lay monitoring water testing. Underwater viewers purchased to launch the Vermont Invasive Patrollers Program (VIP).

Publicity: Jerremy Jones, Spring newsletter available, emailed to members, posted on website, printed copies available at Wellsmere Farm. Frequent postings on our website, Facebook, email blasts to keep the lake community informed.

Lake Safety: Frank Callahan & Mike Gay, new marker buoys built, will be installed over the weekend. Boating license classes scheduled for June 21 & 22 in Poultney, June 26 & 27 in Wells.

Nominating Committee: Bob Williams, LSCA has a full complement of Trustees, but always looking for folks that would be interested.

Membership: Jerremy Jones, in good shape, 335 members to date, 16 of which are Business Sponsors. Goal is 400, ended 2022 with 388. Patches have been popular.

Grants / Government Relations: Discussed our State & LCBP grants and the need for help from other Trustees with reporting. Mark indicated his interest in assisting.

New Business: VT Ecostudies will be installing lead tackle and old monofilament collection tubes at the boat launch. Will have Greeters point them out, and keep an eye on them. Eric Hanson from VT Ecostudies will be at the lake later today to inspect the area where loons are exhibiting nest building activities. We have been invited to present a history of LSC at East Poultney Day - discussed what could be presented and who would present (maybe Frank?). Boat Parade will be Saturday, July 1st at 1 PM. Will start promoting and signing up boats.

Old Business: Ed and Nancy discussed the land sale, we have an offer. After discussion, it was decided to counter. Nancy will present the counter to the potential buyer and will report back.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:30, seconded and all in favor, so moved.

Next meeting: June 24, 2023 at 8:30 AM LSC CC.

Meeting minutes compiled by Jerremy Jones.

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