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Meeting of the Board of Trustees - 6/24/23

3 Jul 2023 1:17 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

On Saturday, June 24th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their second meeting of the 2023 season.

Attendance: Jim Canders, Jerremy Jones, Mary Jo Teetor (Online), Kemi McShane (Online), Frank Callahan, Ed Laird, Mike Gay (Online), Sue Williams (Online), Lisa Micich, John Belnavis. Absent: Bob Williams, Rob Nesbit, Jeff Crandall, Mark Shea, Nancy Liberatore

Guests: None

Call to Order: President Jim Canders called the meeting to order at 8:35. 

Public Comment: None.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes of May 27, 2023 posted. Motion to accept the minutes as presented, made by Frank, seconded by Lisa. All in favor, so moved.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Jo Teetor, MJ outlined 2023 income and expenditures, Lake Wise payment to PMNRCD, DASH contract, Arrowwood and limnologist contracts, and discussed completed land sale. Jerremy will draft an announcement. Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented made by Frank, and seconded by John. All in favor, so moved.

Annual Meeting: John Belnavis, John outlined the plan for the CC and the Annual Meeting. Dinner choices will be chicken piccata, baked haddock, prime rib. CC can support up to 80 dinners, need to have count by the Friday before meeting. John suggested $375 for facility fee to the CC. Motion made by John, seconded by Lisa, All in favor, so moved. Guest speakers mentioned were Pat Suozzi from FOVLAP, our Game Warden Justin Turner. Also discussed reaching out to town boards and legislators. Jerremy will reach out, start on presentation. There was also a brif discussion about the LSCA's upcoming presentation at East Poultney Day.

Milfoil Management: DASH team report was read, They began hand-pulling near the State Park, will be ready to start full DASH operations on July 1. They will start on areas identified in the May survey as moderate density - North Bay and the Channel. 

Boat Launch Greeter Program: John Belnavis, John reported that he had some initial issues with staffing, but now has a good crew in place. Lots of floating milfoil in the channel. Discussed Arrowwood taking over the plant survey, and will use SOLitude's existing GPS points.

Water Quality: May Jo Teetor, lay monitoring bi-weekly. Also discussed limnologist Emily Porter-Goff’s presentation and recommendations for water testing. Discussed gradual increase in water clarity since 1998 from DEC charts. 

Publicity: Jerremy Jones, Jerremy reported about recent appearances at the Town 2 Trails open house at Poultney High School, and the Milfoil Control meeting at the Wells Lakeside Park. Keeping the website and Facebook pages up-to-date with all the latest news.

Lake Safety: Frank Callahan & Mike Gay, new buoys are being placed, with a few left to put out. Frank spoke about the first boating license class, the second one is happening next week.

Nominating Committee: The 5 trustees whose terms end in 2023 all indicated that they would serve another term: Jim, Jeff, Jerremy, Sue, Bob.

Membership: Jerremy Jones, 350 members, getting closer to our goal of 400. Nudge postcards will be sent to those who have been members in the past but not yet renewed for 2023.

Grants / Government Relations: Discussed continued work on grants. Quarterly reports will be due in early July.

New & Old Business: Discussed East Poultney Day & and our presentation, boat parade signups are low, upcoming Lake Wise training at LSC - DEC to drop off award plaques for 2022 winners, Libraries Love Lakes grant earned in partnership with Wells Village Library, upcoming permit renewal, our Game Warden's new weekly updates to the lake community, the upcoming DEC wake boat meetings on the draft rule, 

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:20, seconded and all in favor, so moved. 

Next meeting: July 22, 2023 at 8:00 AM LSC CC, followed by the Annual Meeting & Dinner later that evening at 6 PM.

Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi McShane & Jerremy Jones.

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