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LSC's Loons Build A Nest In The Channel!

9 May 2024 12:24 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

We recently told you about the loon nesting platform that was built and placed in the Channel last month in the hopes that our territorial loon pair would return and nest this year.

Well... our loons in the Channel have built a nest just off the shoreline - foregoing the deluxe accommodations we provided for them...   (but we don't mind).

Channel residents Dawn & Joel observed their building activities over the past few days, and they informed Eric Hanson from Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

Wednesday evening, Dawn & Joel assisted us in placing the Loon Nesting Area signs to create a small buffer zone around the nest. These signs were left at the lake last year (with Dawn & Joel) when the nesting activity was first observed. The loons did not end up building a nest last year, so they were not placed at that time.

Loon nesting area buoy

Now that they have a nest, we need to give them space to do their thing:

  • Please do not approach the nest
  • When passing by the nest, please do not stop, just continue on your way
  • Most importantly, PLEASE travel at NO WAKE speed in this area. Eric mentioned that eggs have been recently lost on other lakes from wave action

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this pair will be successful!

Thanks again to Dawn & Joel for their help!

Loon nest on Lake St. Catherine

> Photos by Dawn Smith-Pliner

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