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Late June 2024 Update From Our DASH Team

26 Jun 2024 5:14 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

Hello LSC. We'd like to provide you with an update from our Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) team, as they have started off the season with hand-pulling milfoil.

Here's the update from Beck:

"Ferncliff Aquatic Services finished hand-pulling location H1 today (along West Lake Road) and moved onto location H in Oxbow Bay (see the 2024 map here). We have been testing out our new electric air compressors that drastically reduce noise and don’t emit exhaust. We look forward to incorporating them into our operation throughout the summer."

Lake St. Catherine 2024 DASH

Also, the team frequently removes garbage they find as they work. Here is just a small example from the past few days of the type and amount of junk that they pick up from the lake bottom:

Lake St. Catherine 2024 DASH - Garbage Found

Thanks to Beck and the DASH team for their great work around the lake!

Full DASH operations will begin on July 1.

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