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Log Your Loon Observations on LSC

18 Sep 2022 6:25 PM | Jerremy Jones (Administrator)

We have a very cool loon project to tell you about today. 

We've been working with Eric Hanson from the Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Scott MacLachlan to come up with a form to log and record data about the loons visiting LSC. We are hoping that their increased visits to LSC will lead to a nesting pair!

If you attended the LSCA's Annual Meeting in July, Eric gave a fantastic presentation about loons. If you missed that, you can see his presentation here: https://youtu.be/iUrY1PqirzU. Scott also gave a great presentation on loons, arranged by the Rutland County Audubon Society, at the Poultney Public Library at the end of July.

The number of loons observed on LSC has been increasing over the past few years, as has the excitement and interest of the lake community. 

So, we've set up a form for you to be able to record your observations of loons on the lake!

There are 2 forms. One will allow you to upload photos or a short video of your loon observation, but it does require that you have a Google account. The other form does not require a Google account and will allow you to record your observation, but you will not be able to upload a photo or video.

On the form, you can add your name and email address (optional), the date, location, number of loons, a place to indicate if you see a subadult loon, and a description of their activity that you observe. 

Here are the forms:

• Loon observation form (With Photo): https://bit.ly/lsc-log-loon-photo (Google Account required)

• Loon observation form (No Photo): https://bit.ly/lsc-log-loon-no-photo

Bookmark them for quick access.

We've just entered the first entry into the form with this observation of an adult and subadult loon swimming and diving in Atwater Bay this afternoon:

These forms will be a great collection of data on the loons visiting LSC, and it should be fun logging our observations of them. 

We ask that you please DO NOT approach the loons. If you see them, observe them from your location, take a photo if you'd like, and then visit the form to log your observation and notes.

We'll keep you updated on the data as it comes in.

We also hope to launch a new loon program in the spring with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies by participating in their lead & monofilament fishing line collection initiative. You can read more about this program in our Fall newsletter here: https://www.lakestcatherine.org/resources/Documents/newsletters/Fall_2022-Digital.pdf

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@lakestcatherine.org.

Thank you - and have fun!

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